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The Disneyland Resort®

GTC conducted analyses and provided consultation in support of numerous projects to expand The Disneyland Resort®. These included preparing reports to obtain approvals for new parking areas and hotels as well as assistance with site planning.

GTC’s work on parking efforts led to the development of the Pixar Pals parking structure adjacent to the Mickey & Friends structure, the Harbor Cast Member Lot on Harbor Boulevard at Ball Road, the Manchester Cast Member Lot on Manchester Avenue, and the improvement of the Toy Story Guest Parking Lot to add additional parking and a bus transit plaza with security screening. GTC also worked extensively with Disney staff to develop plans and analysis for a parking structure and transit plaza on the Pumbaa Lot on Disney Way, including extensive infrastructure improvements to support traffic arrivals and departures. GTC also prepared a traffic impact analysis for a new resort hotel to be incorporated into the Downtown Disney retail, dining, and entertainment district and for a Disney Vacation Club tower adjacent to the Disneyland Hotel.

To support these studies, GTC developed a comprehensive model of the Anaheim Resort Specific Plan area for transportation planning purposes, incorporating all Disneyland Resort® traffic generators and third-party developments as necessary. GTC developed empirical trip generation rates and distribution patterns for resort hotels and theme park cast members and guests for use in various traffic impact analyses. GTC analyzed intersections and street segments throughout the Anaheim Resort Specific Plan area and included identification of significant impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and identified of potential congestion or queuing that warranted improvements. GTC also analyzed queuing at parking checkpoints to ensure that vehicles would not queue onto public streets. These traffic impact analyses were used for obtaining entitlements via CEQA addenda to the City of Anaheim’s Anaheim Resort Specific Plan EIR (EIR No. 340) or through ministerial processes. GTC also provided site planning consultation for a variety of operational improvements. GTC explored options for providing valet parking at Downtown Disney, improved vehicular access to the Ball Cast Member Lot on Ball Road, improved vehicular operation and pedestrian safety on Paradise Way, and improved loading operations at the East Esplanade transit center off of Harbor Boulevard. GTC helped develop operational plans for the Disneyland Back-of-House area to support the construction of new theme park attractions, including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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