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One Beverly Hills

GTC helped develop One Beverly Hills, a unified vision for the Beverly Hilton hotel, the former Robinsons May site at 9900 Wilshire, and a former gas station. Encompassing 1.375 million square feet, it includes a redevelopment of the Beverly Hilton meeting and conference center, construction of a new luxury hotel and residential building, construction of two luxury condominium towers, and construction of a retail building fronting Santa Monica Boulevard. The Project also includes over eight acres of botanical gardens and over two miles of walking trails, more than half of which are fully open to the public. The project merges the previously approved entitlements for the Beverly Hilton site and the 9900 Wilshire site into one master-planned project. It includes construction of a new residential access road along the western edge of the project site. Merv Griffin Way, a private street, will continue to provide access to the Beverly Hilton as well as to several levels of subterranean parking. It will be covered by a deck over which the botanical gardens would be planted.

GTC worked with the developer and design team throughout the development of the project plans. GTC provided consultation on all aspects of access, circulation, valet operations, third-party pick-up and drop-off operations, traffic controls, event traffic management, pedestrian and bicycle access, and commercial vehicle access. GTC also conducted traffic sensitivity analyses and traffic operations analyses to demonstrate the project’s consistency with approved entitlements and supported the City and its traffic engineer in developing the Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the project. GTC then supported the Project’s approval process through four dedicated Planning Commission hearings and five dedicated City Council hearings, culminating in project approval in June 2021.

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