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Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

GTC prepared a transportation impact study and provided design consultation for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, to be located along the western edge of Exposition Park in Los Angeles, California. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, funded by George Lucas and his family, is dedicated to all forms of visual storytelling, including narrative painting, illustration, photography, film, animation, and digital art. It will include amenities such as a sit-down restaurant, state-of-the-art cinema theaters, lecture halls and digital classrooms, and event space. The building itself is designed to appear to float above the surrounding landscape and will be constructed over subterranean parking. The project will also include construction of an adjacent subterranean structure to accommodate surface parking displaced by the museum. GTC analyzed traffic impacts to the adjacent street and freeway system and evaluated parking operations, construction impacts, and how the museum would operate during major events at Exposition Park. The analysis was incorporated into an Addendum to an Environmental Impact Report prepared for the renovation of the adjacent Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Other consultation included developing parking concept plans, reviewing access plans for visitors and for loading operations, and serving as liaison between the Project applicant and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

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