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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

GTC prepared traffic, parking, and circulation studies for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Building for the Permanent Collection Project in Hancock Park and the Miracle Mile community of the City of Los Angeles, California. The Project includes a new Museum Building with a portion spanning Wilshire Boulevard that would replace four buildings within LACMA East and would result in an overall decrease in the square footage of museum operations and a reduction in theater size from over 600 seats to 300 seats.

GTC analyzed traffic and parking related impacts on the adjacent street system and surrounding neighborhoods, parking demand, and construction traffic and parking. The study included an evaluation of several operational scenarios to address the potential range in Project operations during weekdays and weekends, and was incorporated into the Environmental Impact Report prepared for the Project.

In addition, GTC provided support in the design of the proposed parking garage, passenger loading areas, and pedestrian enhancements and continues to provide transportation and mobility consulting for the Project.

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