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I-710 North Relinquishment

GTC assisted the City of Alhambra to analyze the feasibility of a northern extension of I-710 and then, when the State of California approved relinquishment of the transportation network, helped to identify potential alternatives to improve safety and better serve neighborhoods and local traffic. GTC continues to work with the City of Alhambra on a team preparing the conceptual designs and technical studies to support the Caltrans relinquishment of the freeway stub so that it may be converted from a six-lane freeway to a four-lane divided parkway serving local traffic.

The concept involves two lanes of travel in each direction separated by a wide landscape median and landscaped parkways. A multiuse trail for pedestrians and bicycles is included to connect Alhambra neighborhoods and California State University, Los Angeles to existing and proposed bike facilities in the City. The project involves investigation of the Fremont Avenue, Atlantic Boulevard, and Garfield Avenue corridors and their I-10 interchanges to insure that diverted traffic is accommodated without negatively affecting Alhambra neighborhoods. GTC is leading the transportation planning and citizen outreach portions of the study.

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